TextMate, brought to you by GitHub!

Open source is pretty cool.

If you have a Mac and have been cheap (like me) in the code / text editor department, you might’ve held out on buying something like TextMate, which usually runs about 50 bucks.


Well today – no more!  You can go download, build, fork and enhance TextMate for free to your heart’s content, all over at GitHub.  You can find the main page here, with some pretty nice build instructions.

Of course, you could also give Sublime Text 2 a whirl, it seems to be what all the cool kids are using (you can evaluate it for free with no time limit, but it’s $60 to register).  So far on Windows I’m still a big fan of Notepad++ for all things non-Visual Studio.

I’m getting things going now.  Wish me luck!

Building TextMate from the command line