Go make stuff!

Have you started a website yet?

Why not?

I’m blown away by all the great options out there.  Here are just a few, that I have messed with:

  • AppHarbor – really awesome, simple .NET hosting that starts out free and scales cost as you scale out.  I’ve got a very simple chord transposer up called ChordFlow, which I hope to expand on in the very near future.
  • Heroku – in my recent branching out into Ruby on Rails, Heroku made deployment and hosting a real pleasure.  It was kind of unclear for awhile that you can host a single instance for free (like AppHarbor), but once I figured the menu out it was very pleasant.  I built a very basic “thermometer” to track my good friend Andrew’s weight loss progress, called LossThermometer.
  • Azure – I had been skeptical of Azure’s offerings prior to their huge preview update in the past year, but now it’s pretty awesome.  I actually created this WordPress site through their “gallery,” which was < 5 minutes of setup and approximately 2 – 3 hours of trying to select an appropriate theme.  You can host all kinds of stuff up there, from .NET to node.js, spin up your own VMs, data services, etc.

There’s tons of stuff out there.  So go on – start building!

Azure and WordPress