Taking XCode Unit Tests For A Spin

I need to learn Objective-C and iOS development for my current work project.  I’ve tried some tutorial apps in XCode but I always end up doing more copy-paste and reading instead of actually learning by doing and stumbling through. So I decided to learn out in the open by creating a GitHub project, explore-ios, and […]

Hell is a Bureaucracy

  I was particularly struck by this passage in the preface to C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters” – a work where Lewis imagines Hell as a bureaucracy of demon tempters and junior tempters who feed off of one another as well as their human “assignments”: We must picture Hell as a state where everyone is […]

Five Things I Learned About Lean UX and Development

Agile has really done a number on me. I can’t see software development the same way anymore. Deliver value early, often, in small batches. Optimize for the flow of feature delivery, not utilization of a person. Now I’ve had the chance to engage with a complimentary methodology: lean (or “lean startup”). After weeks of applying lean principles […]

Go make stuff!

Have you started a website yet? Why not? I’m blown away by all the great options out there.  Here are just a few, that I have messed with: AppHarbor – really awesome, simple .NET hosting that starts out free and scales cost as you scale out.  I’ve got a very simple chord transposer up called […]

Software Craftsmanship and Staying Current

I’ve encountered the following question a few times both in and outside of the office: “How do you keep up on the latest technology and practices?” This is a question that means different things coming from different people.  The first angle is mechanical: it’s basically asking for directions.  How does learning things in this arena […]

TextMate, brought to you by GitHub!

Open source is pretty cool. If you have a Mac and have been cheap (like me) in the code / text editor department, you might’ve held out on buying something like TextMate, which usually runs about 50 bucks. Well today – no more!  You can go download, build, fork and enhance TextMate for free to […]

TechEd 2012 Highlights: Git deploy for Azure

This will be the first in a few quick hits about TechEd 2012.  It’s been about a month and a half and I think I’ve finally settled on a few things that have stuck with me. First off is Windows Azure.  I used to be totally unimpressed and uninspired with this platform.  It seemed like […]

Hello World in Ruby

I don’t know why this feels like an accomplishment – most likely because I spent awhile wrestling RestSharp and Windows Phone 7 for an hour. But hey. I’ll take it. Took some liberties with this article (artistic preference). It had to be done, right?

Updating / Installing Ruby in Lion

You know how they say you should learn a new language every year?  Well, I’m woefully behind on that.  I’m hoping this will be a year to finally get my head around Objective-C and Ruby to make up for lost time. So anyway, I sat down tonight to install Ruby and actually do something.  I […]

Bootstrap, from Twitter: How to get your website’s style off the ground

*blows dust off of blog* Hey! There’s a blog here! Let’s start using it again. Thinking about writing a website? Got a cool idea but know your web design evokes 90’s-era Geocities pages? Well, you (and I) are in luck, friends. There are tons of “bootstrap” styles that you can snag out there that consist of […]