TextMate, brought to you by GitHub!

Open source is pretty cool. If you have a Mac and have been cheap (like me) in the code / text editor department, you might’ve held out on buying something like TextMate, which usually runs about 50 bucks. Well today – no more!  You can go download, build, fork and enhance TextMate for free to […]

Hello World in Ruby

I don’t know why this feels like an accomplishment – most likely because I spent awhile wrestling RestSharp and Windows Phone 7 for an hour. But hey. I’ll take it. Took some liberties with this article (artistic preference). It had to be done, right?

Updating / Installing Ruby in Lion

You know how they say you should learn a new language every year?  Well, I’m woefully behind on that.  I’m hoping this will be a year to finally get my head around Objective-C and Ruby to make up for lost time. So anyway, I sat down tonight to install Ruby and actually do something.  I […]

Initial Thoughts on MongoDB

I’ve been playing around with MongoDB extensively for the past month or so.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, MongoDB is Yet Another Way to Persist Data, but it’s particularly compelling because: It’s so easy, both to set up and develop against For certain persistence scenarios, it’s really fast It’s schema-less, which means you can store and […]