Bootstrap, from Twitter: How to get your website’s style off the ground

*blows dust off of blog* Hey! There’s a blog here! Let’s start using it again. Thinking about writing a website? Got a cool idea but know your web design evokes 90’s-era Geocities pages? Well, you (and I) are in luck, friends. There are tons of “bootstrap” styles that you can snag out there that consist of […]

Think of the Children – Base View Pages in ASP.NET MVC

One common practice emerging in ASP.NET MVC sites is the user of a custom base controller supertype that takes care of global, basic, controller-related concerns.  So rather than all controllers in your application inheriting from System.Web.Mvc.Controller, you can roll your own that inherits from that, and then derive your own controllers from the new base type. For example, here’s […]